Bookstagram: Recommendations

As part of my little Bookstagram series of posts I’m going to begin recommending my favorite bookstagrammers to you, and of course, listing the reasons why they’re my favorites.

So, here are some of my favorites!

Kricket from @amberinfandomland:

12570831_880450672052338_1389640155_nPosting gorgeous pictures is one thing.

Being naturally hilarious is another.

But posting gorgeous pictures being naturally hilarious takes things to a whole ‘nother level.

Apart from being an amazing friend, she has a God-given talent for making people laugh and for writing very sassy, very accurate synopses for books she’s read.

It’s the night of the ball and Aislynn couldn’t be more excited, tonight is the night she will meet her true love and they will live happily ever after… but not really because Aislynn has no control over her magic and everyone is like “get yo shit together gurl” and Aislynn is all “I’m tryin, but it would be easier if all the girls in hell hole of a school weren’t such bitches” but women are supposed to be obedient not sassy so her head mistress is like “you can’t be a princess no more so I’m sending you to fairy godmother school” and Aislynn is all “aww man! This sucks balls, I might as well become a nun!” and her head mistress is like “damn straight” but learning to be a fairy godmother doesn’t exactly go as planned because Aislynn is too strong willed for that shit and she has more important things to worry about anyways like why the fuck the wicked queen is kidnapping princesses and shit!

*resists urge to smile* Need I say more?

Leaving all notes of hilariousness aside, Kricket really has an eye for aesthetics, keeping her gorgeous dark and rich theme in check with every picture she posts.

Alex from @twirlingpages:

12540163_880450668719005_1068032376_nLook, I’m not the girliest girl out there, but I’m incredibly fond of all things bright, and cute, and well… Girly? Does that make sense? Regardless, Alexandra’s feed is one of my favorites because of this sole reason. Well… Apart from the fact that she’s one of the sweetest bookstagrammers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Her feed is indeed very bright, and colorful, and I particularly love her sitting-cross-legged-in-bed-holding-books/reading. Not to mention she has a gorgeous, tumblr-like room which plays to her favor when the time for taking pictures comes.

Oh, and did I mention she’s also a stunning ballerina? Because yes, she is! I personally enjoy when bookstagrammers have much more going on to them than just reading (wether it be a talent for taking gorgeous photographs, drawing, making their own bookmarks, dancing, anything, really!), and even more so when they let their followers in on that other part of their lives that isn’t all about reading.

12539949_880450712052334_1336377950_n.jpg nkol

Yup. *nods in approval*

Adam from @booksss.0k:

There’s a very particular reason why I follow Adam. I mean, apart from the fact that I love his pictures, of course.

His words.

I find that Adam has a very unique, very different way of thinking, and of presenting his opinions and ideas to his followers.


12575963_880450692052336_2084568098_nI hope it doesn’t come across as weird, the fact that I knew where to find this specific comment, but I just wanted to give you guys a (more or less) concrete example of what I mean when I say that the main reason I follow Adam.

He talks about things… As they are. He doesn’t use them as an aesthetic because that’s just how it is. How he is. He posts what he feels should be posted, as he feels it should be posted, regardless of the feedback, and honestly, that’s how it should be for everyone.

If anything, Adam’s words, and how he translates who he is into his photography, even inspires me to not hold back when the time comes for posting a photo, or speaking my mind. It’s real nice.

Viktoria from @seelieknight:

12539974_880450678719004_885099441_nViktoria reminds me of everything faeries, nymphs, folklore, fairy tales and pretty much everything that has to do with crows and ravens, which is to say Six of Crows and The Raven Cycle.

I love it!

Her feed is so visually pleasing for someone who loves nature and cold, desaturated vibes. Her taste in books is so on point. Her music taste is the bomb-est ever, and her playlists are killer.

Two of my favorite playlists by her are her “shadowfire” playlist, inspired by Kaltain from the Throne of Glass books, and her “nocturne” playlist, inspired by Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, so I recommend you give those a play when you have the time.

Paulo from @bookswithtea:

12571332_880450725385666_1762256362_nBefore going into any details about how much I love his pictures, I’ll tell you one of the weirdest things that have ever happened to me when reading.

I… Imagined Paulo as Dash, from Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, without ever having seen his face. Paulo’s, I mean. I have no idea how that came to be, it was completely unconscious and unexpected. It’s about the weirdest thing ever and I feel like I shouldn’t even be telling you about this, it was so bizarre. But I guess if I had to guess, I’d base this whole thing on that one picture on the bottom row (the one in the middle).

Dash is described as a somewhat “hipster” character who enjoys time alone, himself and a book, and I guess those are the vibes that one picture (and his whole feed, for that matter) give me. Hipster in the good way, not in the wannabe type of way.

Very Connor Franta, if I may.

I’m in love with his feed, to say the least.

Those are all the recommendations I have for you today!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that what I had to say about these accounts inspired you to go give them a follow, and do keep in mind that these are only 5 of the 479283 (not that many, but you know) accounts that I’d like to recommend to you.

Keep an eye out, maybe you‘ll end up in my next “Bookstagram: Recommendations” post!

Happy reading!

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