Small(ish) Update

Hi guys, just wanted to do a small update, just to tell you what I’m currently reading, watching and doing for the next few days.

I’ve been reading The Diviners by Libba Bray for the last few days.  It’s a mother of a book, 578 pages long, with one of the most interesting settings I’ve read in my life.  I’ll definitely post a longer review once I’m done with it!  But for now, here are some pictures I took so you can admire the beauty that is this hardback:

Also, I’m editing my review for the Assassin’s Blade and thinking about maybe doing one for Crown of Midnight later on.  I have A LOT to say about that sequel, trust me.

Speaking of Throne of Glass, up next on my tbr, after The Dream thieves of curse, is Heir of Fire! Is my heart ready? Am I still gonna read it? Absolutely. Will I die a cruel emotional death? Probably.  Still, I’m super excited to finally meet Rowan and ugly cry over the love of my life, Chaol Westfall.

What am I watching? I don’t really watch series. Actors make me cringe, especially the ones in those extremely popular series, so I tend to stick to anime only.  Though I’ve been binge-watching Parenthood with my sister during the holidays and it’s strangely addicting.  Back to anime, I’m mostly watching slice of life; Tsuritama, Princes Jellyfish and Durarara!! are some.  I’m thinking of doing a review on each of them with cool gifs and everything! I just wanna dork out. Leave me be.

Last but not least, I’ve recently been spending a lot of time on my booklr account.  Booklr is just a fancy name for a tumblr account that focuses exclusively on things book related.  You can go follow me if you like at justabookeater for more book photography and rants.

That’s all for now love, see you soon!





New Year’s Eve Rant

There’s this ache in my chest and my best friend, or at least someone I thought was my best friend in the entire world, put it there.  Exactly two minutes after the ball dropped, he called me and told me he couldn’t be my friend anymore and that he was leaving my life for good.  No explanations given except that it was in his best interest; so he could feel better.  I’m still trying to figure out how to react.  I don’t want to see anyone, I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to go out.  Ive done my crying and all I have left is this huge ball of anger, resentment, disappointment and sadness rolling around my stomach.

He’s tried calling me several times but honestly, I can’t bring myself to answer.  How can you say something like that to me and then expect me to hear you out?  I have always been there for you, through so much shit and I have torn myself apart for you and you leave? Fuck you.

I don’t plan on answering his calls, ever.  This is what he wanted.  Even if he regretted it immediately and tried to patch things up it wouldn’t change how he made me feel.  Like I can be thrown away without a second thought. Fuck you.

2015 was an amazing year for me.  I know I’m amazing, I know I have a lot to offer and if he can’t see that then screw him. I have thicker skin now.  He lost me. HE LOST ME. Not the other way around.

Now I’m gonna it my ass down, write some wonderful reviews for you guys because this mess of emotions is fantastic writing fuel.  See you soon, loves.



Reading Slump

Warning: Rant ahead!

Hey guys, as you can most probably tell by the title, I’m suffering from one of the worst reading slumps I’ve had this year.  I haven’t read anything during the month of October and that has me beyond frustrated for obvious reasons.  I’m a reader and a book collector and I have plenty to read of course but I just can’t bring myself to finish anything.  I started reading A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin and The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Mass and I got really invested in both for a time and then, out of freaking nowhere, I lost all motivation.  Why? I don’t know. I really don’t.

463460It’s awful because I’ve been wanting to read both of them for so long and they’re so amazingly written but my emotions are working against me; they refuse to immerse themselves in the story.  It’s driving me crazy because I run a freaking book blog and I can’t update on anything! I know what you’re gonna say: post about something else.  The thing is, all this frustration fills me with anger and anxiety and I can’t think straight whenever I start up a new post.  WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?! I’M A GOOD PERSON!!! I JUST WANT TO READ!!!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I just gotta get my shit together and finish what I started.  Maybe reread one of my favorite books and breathe a little.  If you have any magical methods on how to get rid of this awful  bookworm problem, I’d appreciate if you’d tell me.


Bye loves, I’ll write again when I get back on track.


Guilty Pleasures! New Adult Recommendations

Hello ladies, gents and otumblr_mpvaa2W4Fd1qj4rzvo1_500ther human life forms! I know I haven’t posted in a while.  I sincerely want to apologize for that, my emotional state has been crap lately and just a bunch of bad things ended happening during the past two weeks.  Still! I feel a bit better and feel good enough to show you some of my infamous, not so secret favorites.

This list is gonna consist of New Adult books which have made me fan my face and squeal so loud, I woke my housemates right up.

Let’s start with the book the changed the game for me!

17314430Ah yes, J. Lynn.  I’d already read the first book of the Lux series when I bit into this piece of perfection.  I read this along some lovely girls (including Adriana and Taylor from bibliophilegathering) and I was absolutely hooked from the very first page.  Jennifer has a such an effortless way of writing plus her male characters are always so damn dreamy.  I’ve read the rest in this series but Cam still holds a special place in my heart and soul.  He is just so sweet and kind and flat out adorable.  I’m all for the bad boys but good guys just make my heart melt into a disgusting mushy puddle.

To sum it all up, it’s a typical boy meets girl but there’s an actual development of friendship and characters and the dialogue is superb, not to mention the steamy scenes.  They’re great, I promise.  This book will leave you in a state of love and bliss and honestly, I couldn’t have asked for more.  But I did and so I read the companion novella called Trust in Me which is written in Cam’s point of view! I definitely recommend it as well.

Nani wrote a more complete review of this baby, the link is over here!

Staying on track with the whole college scenario, I shall introduce you to the fantastic Elle Kennedy and her brand spanking new series called Off Campus.

24504048 25031450

The first two books are out and I devoured those babies in two days.  The Deal is my personal favorite at the moment but The Mistake is still pretty fantastic.  Let’s just take a moment and…look at the abs.

tumblr_mookdzvxWb1snbskwo1_500ALRIGHTY THEN!

Yes, these books have hot, drool worthy men.  Yes, they’re hokey players. Yes, they will knock you off your ass and make you love them.  Thee books are everything I’m looking for in a New Adult book.  They’re witty, they’re sexy, they’re REAL! What I loved most abut Elle’s writing is how easy she made it to believe her characters could be everyday people.  They joke around, they have personalities and dreams and issues and naughty thoughts just like anyone else.

There’s sex in these books, a lot of it.  And I loved it.  Gosh, I loved the raunchiness of it all.  They’re young and open about they’re sexuality, there’s no unnecessary slut-shaming or close-minded thinking, there’s strong female characters that aren’t stupidly annoying and really smart, cool (and also pretty nice!) guys that you can’t help but fall in love with.

10/10 Elle, kudos.

And last but not least, I bring you a gritty saga about hard rocker dudes and their girlfriends.

 Say hello to Stage Dive.tumblr_nr1k2mpmaK1u8mtcbo1_400

Man, it took me less than a week to finish all of these and I do not regret it one bit.  Kylie Scott is goddess when it comes to hilarious scenarios and steamy sex.  My favorite is definitely Play; I’m weak for drummers and contagiously funny guys.

The series goes on with each member of the band respectively.  Lick is about the guitarist; Lead, the lead singer and Deep, the bass player.  I loved how we got to see all of the guys separately and really appreciate just how different they were from each other.  It takes no effort to distinguish their personalities.  The plot is always interesting; there’s drunken marriages, drug abuse, personality disorders…Just, a lot of what’s involved in the fast paced life of every rock star.  Even so, the stories stay very real and so do the characters.  I got emotional at times and just fell in love with this fictional band.

Yeah, there are cliches involved but you know what? We all need a little bit of sap in our lives.  Even when it comes from grungy rock stars.


October TBR!

Hello beautiful people! It’s finally October!!!


October is definitely my favorite month of the year because there is just so much going on during these next few weeks.  Also, my birthday is on the 18th and I get to buy books! CELEBRATION!

But before all the book buying starts up, I’ve already established some of the books I want to read this month.  Up there you saw a picture taken by yours truly which shows some of the books I want to read soon plus my tbr mini bucket from which I will choose a random book to read this month! Also, our poll results came in and Adriana and I will be reading A Madman’s Daughter for our October read-a-long right here on the blog! Exciting stuff my sweets.

Right now, I’m still retumblr_ntwlqqaPhI1tq4of6o1_500ading A Storm of Swords and I am LOVING IT SO MUCH.  EVERYTHING IS GOING TO CRAP BUT IT’S AWESOME AND I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS INSIDE OF ME THAT NO ONE UNDERSTANDS HELP.  I just scream every time a chapter ends, by the time I’m done my voice will be gone.

I’ll also be starting The Assassin’s Blade with one of my bestest friends this weekend so the feels are real people.  THE FEELS ARE REAL.


I’ll stop being loud and such now and self-promote myself a bit.  I love having a booklr and if y’all would like to follow me, you can at

(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

I’d love if you all would share your TBR list or stack with us! ♡


Ghibli FIlms You Must Watch // Part 1


Hi! I know I mostly post book reviews but my lord and savior Hayao Miyazaki just announced that he’ll be opening up a theme park based on his Studio Ghibli films! (news link here!) I am fangirling way too hard because I absolutely adore this studio’s work; their movies are freaking beautiful I tell you.

For this post I’ll be using gifs from a tumblr blog I love called ghibli-mania, y’all should give ’em a follow!  ~ヾ(^∇^)

Let’s start with my number one favorite!

Spirited Away

Links to watch: (sub // dub)

large_ydIpyTzCc5iYAqjlbcCmgSckebEI think I’ve seen this film more than 30 times. No joke.  It’s probably the most well known, aside from Ponyo, but it still holds the biggest place in my heart.  I always see it in English, one day I’ll watch it in Japanese.  I just really love Haku’s voice in English (o˘◡˘o)

The story revolves around a 10 year old girl named Chihiro who is on her way to moving to her new home with her two parents.  Alon the way, they get lost and stumble into this seemingly abandoned theme part.  The parents are eager to explore thanks to the far off aroma of good food but Chihiro is reluctant and scared.

And that’s when things get strange.  Spirits starts to emerge, her parents turn into pigs and now she’s trapped in this in between world that divides the spirit world from the human one.  A strange boy named Haku claims to know her and tells that to survive, no one must find out she’s human and in turn, she must get hired at the infamous bathhouse to secure her protection.

tumblr_ne9yqgRCxg1u0tsnwo1_250The first time I saw this film, I was really young but I remember it leaving this huge impact in me.  I didn’t see it again for a long time until they put it back on TV and when I saw it again, I cried.  The biggest wave of nostalgia hit me and I just had to buy the DVD to see it over and over again.  This story is about growth and change and love and how you must work to achieve it.  There’s magic, dragons, giant babies and the weirdest spirits you’ll ever meet.


The characters in this movie are fantastic, I loved Haku, I loved Chihiro and how much she grows due to this experience, I love the villains and I lovelovelove No Face.  Seriously, you’ll love him with your life!

tumblr_ngabccGzjQ1u0tsnwo1_250 tumblr_ngabccGzjQ1u0tsnwo2_250


Studio Ghibli has the besttumblr_ntzga2Mynn1u0tsnwo4_500 animation I’ve seen in my time.  It’s so alive and beautiful and vivid; you have to see the movies numerous times to be able to take everything in. Each time you see it, I promise you’ll find something you didn’t see the first time around.  I also promise you won’t regret giving this film a try, whether you’re an adult, a teen or a child!



To Keep Books Intact or To Make Them Yours? That is the Question.


As a proud bibliophile with a plethora of bookish friends, I’ve noticed different tendencies when it comes to owning books and reading them.

Most of you like to keep your books in mint condition, no if, and’s or buts.  The pages must be pristine, with not a single crease or smudge to be seen; dust jackets well placed; spines intact.

And then there are readers like me.  I’m what you guys would call a “destroyer” (or so my friends have deemed me).  I take my books absolutely everywhere; to the beach, the mall, to dinner.  There’s sand in between the pages, grease stains here and there and maybe one or two water stained covers.  I’d probably take them to an intergalactic space war regardless of the consequences.

Due to this tendency of mine, my books do suffer quite a bit.  But that’s not really all.  I love breaking the spines.  It’s probably one of the most satisfying feelings I get as a reader.  BEFORE YOU GO RUNNING OFF INTO THE WOODS IN TERROR, I don’t do it just for the sake of cracking the spine.  The fact that I COULD break the spine is like some sort of reading checkpoint for me.  Seeing my A Song of Ice and Fire paperbacks with cracked spines makes me the happiest girl in town because it symbolizes my triumph over this colossal series.  Same goes for my Harry Potter collection.

I’m a paperback gal.  Hardbacks are cool and all but paperbacks are just so dynamic and easy to personalize.  ANd also I tend to lose dust jackets very easily (I’M SORRY).

What exactly do I mean by personalizing?

Tabbing! Highlighting! Notes!

Don’t be afraid to make that book yours!

     I used to be very afraid of “ruining” my books until I started exploring other people’s libraries (especially my grandmother’s) and I saw just how beautiful personal copies look like.   I love seeing the reader’s thoughts written on page corners, I love seeing phrases and descriptions highlighted and underlined because I just know how much that part impacted the reader.  Cracked spines show love in my eyes.  A book with creases has been read and reread numerous times and it’s pages have been loved every time.

If you’re obsessive about keeping your books clean then don’t worry, I understand.  But if you’ve ever gotten the urge to just write something you loved about a scene on a page corner or just kiss the book even when you have lipstick on: do it.  I can promise that when you take that book off your shelf, run your fingers through it’s pages and see those little mementos, you’ll feel just like you did the first time you had that masterpiece in your hands.