Admin: Adriana

B&W picture because B&W filters are my favorites for selfies.

B&W picture because B&W filters are my favorites for selfies.

I suppose I’m to describe myself a little bit in order for you to get to know me and be able to put a face and a personality to the semi-anonymous person behind the posts and reviews, sooooooo here are 8 random things you should know about me:

  • I’m half Spanish and half Puerto Rican, but I was born and raised in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Here in the island our native language is Spanish, but regardless of that, I’ve always preferred English. Almost everything, I watch, read or listen to is in English, although I still appreciate and speak Spanish everyday.
  • I was born on August 14th of 1999, so that makes me 16 years of age.
  • I’ve never, EVER, liked chocolate, and no matter how many times I’ve tried to eat it I never cease to think that it tastes incredibly weird, and I can only ever eat it when it’s on fruits. A few months back I became a vegan, as I no longer believe in the consumption of once living creatures, nor I believe in taking advantage of them when it isn’t really necessary.
  • I’m really, really passionate about reading, obviously. My favorite genre is fantasy, but close behind comes contemporary. When I graduate I want to study anything and everything related to books, specially creative-writing, as having the power to create a world along with its residents, customs and stories from scratch seems like the ideal job for me.
  • I’m also incredibly passionate about music. I play flute and bass quite well, I know a thing or two about percussion, although I don’t play the actual drums, I used to play cello but had to stop because I had too many things going up in my life at that moment, and I sing. I’ve always been a little bit too shy to do it publicly, on my own, but I’ve recently started playing and singing in church and I admit I quite like it.
  • I’m aaaaaaalso very passionate about art. I took drawing and painting classes since I was about 4 or 5, up until I was about 9 or 10 years old, but just because I stopped taking classes doesn’t mean that I stopped drawing and painting. On the contrary, I love to keep learning about art and improving. I also took pottery classes for a year and that was very fun, so there’s that.
  • I can never keep a hairstyle or hair color for too long. I can’t remember a time in which my hair has been longer than mid-back because I get bored and end up cutting it, if not dyeing it. It’s a fun activity, always keeping it interesting.
  • And lastly, I’ll be posting reviews on basically anything that I’m feeling, but mostly books. I also make playlists so there’s that, and a bunch of random things that I wouldn’t be able to name right now, as they strike my inspiration as they please.

Thoooooose are my 8 facts, and I hope we can become well acquainted, hopefully even friends.



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