Bookstagram: A Fraction of the Reader Community

As you all know, I’m a part of an incredibly vast, incredibly awesome community of readers. And more specifically, I belong to Bookstagram, a (big) fraction of the reader community that takes place in the social media platform of Instagram.

This online community focuses on the use of photography, although Bookstagram can often be used simply to connect and not to express, to grasp the attention of other readers, as well as non-readers, to create bonds through one thing we all have in common: books.

Some bookstagrammers aren’t as passionate about photography, and thus don’t put as much thought into the looks of what they post nearly as much as they put into what they write. Some bookstagrammers aren’t as passionate about the reading and the books as much as they are into the photography aspect of it, focusing more on finding the right aesthetic and look for their account. And then some bookstagrammers, more like myself, hold both photography and books high up in their passion-o-meter, and combine both of these passions into something far greater, choosing to exploit our artistic side while pouring every ounce of what we have to offer as amateur (or maybe not so amateur) writers, reviewers, thinkers, etc.

But either way, we’re all part of the same online community of readers, and each and every one of us has something to offer.

Bookstagram isn’t, by any means, the only incredible aspect to the community of readers all over the world as a whole. There’s also Booklr-ers (I guess?), who choose Tumblr as their preferred platform when the time comes to put up their content, and their words. Booktubers, who choose to use a video format to share what they have to say with the world. There’s those who prefer Twitter, and those who favor the use of Facebook. There’s those who use Goodreads, leaving all looks and aesthetics aside to focus on everything that has to do with thoughts, and opinions, and with the organization of their reading experience. There are bloggers, there are fandom and fanart accounts, and there are those who choose to simply read, and share their opinions in their “real life,” instead of online.

Like I said, we’re a vast community of readers, and Bookstagram is only a fraction of it.

But it also happens to be the place where it all started for me, and through which I’ve met some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to, where I’ve met a lot of my best friends, and where I choose to continue expressing my love for reading and photography.

Having said this, I’d like to share my experiences and everything I know about this loving community of readers with you. I’m not the most popular bookstagrammer out there, or the most qualified person to talk about this. By any means. But Bookstagram is more about sharing your passions and expressing yourself, than it is about the amount of followers you have. I’d even go as far as saying that if your heart is in the right place, it’s not about popularity at all.

So without further ado, welcome to the life of a bookstagrammer. And by boosktagrammer, I mean me.

Adriana (4)


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